Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Slight Makeover

Over time you will see many things on this blog change. I have seen through the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures that the Reformed Faith best expounds the biblical doctrines, especially concerning Predestination and the Elect. As I am so very new to this particular teaching, I will not be posting too many apologetic posts on the subject until I fully understand it intellectually. There is a great difference between understanding it with the heart of a guitly sinner, and understanding how to properly expound and defend it against objections. And, of course, we will have many posts concerning Rome's false doctrine. All those links you see to the right will remain exactly where they are, as they are excellent sources to look up and compare against actual history and the Holy Writ.


  1. Reformed theology often follows a blasphemous view of the atonement that logical requires Jesus to NOT be God. (Jesus was separated from God or the Father, there goes trinitarianism)

    10 times out of 10 in my experience Calvinists must avoid discussing why Acts 17:26-7 say man is capable of seeking God.

    Most Calvinists must do a poor exegesis of 2 Peter 2:1-2 to make the L and P work.