Sunday, January 18, 2009


As a Christian clinging to the orthodox faith, I am deeply saddened and angered by the hundreds of cultish theologies, philosophies, and doctrines that are choking the Church today. For 2,000 years the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church has kept true to the Faith, defending it from the attacks of the Enemy. The purpose of this blog is to be a cache for those seeking to find the truth about some of these cults, the most passionate one which I am most burdened for: Mormonism. In comparison, Mormonism looks Protestant and Catholic (a detail I will get into later) but is neither, and is instead a clever counterfieght religion. I am not against Mormons, but I am against their theology. Also presented here soon will be a cache on the Jehovah's Witnesses, a little of the Baha'i World Faith, Rastafarianism, Hare Krishna, Unification Church, Armstrongism, the Word-Faith movement, among others. Also included (but not under the category of "Cults") will be a cache on Protestanism and its fallacies, including exercpts from James White (with the rebuttle) and even the late great Dr. Walter Martin (also with rebuttle). Please note: Protestanism, though containing many heresies, is recognized as a community (ies) of seperated brethren, holding to very basic fundamental doctrines of orthodoxy (i.e the Incarnation, salvation through grace, etc.) and therefore is not under the label of Cult. On the side, a little information concerning our Eastern Orthodox sister Churches, as much information as I can gather. On top of that, apologetics for all those interested in upholding the Catholic faith. As said before, this blog is intended to be a cache, I will upload links and articles so on and so forth, while at the same time writing my own experiences and research. Thank you all and may God bless!

"I am fully resolved in all things touching my faith, which I ground upon Jesus Christ, and by him I steadfastly believe to be saved, which faith I acknowledge to be the same that he left to his apostles, and they to their successors from time to time, and is taught in the Catholic Church through all Christendom, and promised to remain with her unto the world's end, and hell-gates shall not prevail against the same faith; for if an angel come from heaven, and preach any other doctrine than we have received, the Apostle biddeth us not believe him." --- Margaret Clitherow

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